Hello everyone! My name is Nicole. I’m an English Literature major at Wright State. I’m in my third semester here. I have an Associate of Arts from Columbia State Community College in Tennessee, where I lived for two years (and where I took the pictures of that beautiful sky!). I’m also a wife — of a long-suffering husband who always listens to me talk at length about books he’s never read — a bunny and cat mom, and a soon to be mother of a real-life human baby! I’ve been an avid reader my entire life, and an aspiring writer for almost as long as that. My dream is to go on to get my Masters of Library and Information Sciences and work as a children’s librarian. I love many genres; some of my favorites are gothic, magical realism, urban fantasies, and anything involving superheroes. My favorite past-time’s are drinking tea, cuddling with my cat (my bunny refuses!) and either reading a book or meticulously curating my Pinterest boards.

I love to look at the roles and archetypes that characters throughout history have represented, and that was my initial purpose of this blog, as I explored the female characters in novels read for my Survey of Women and Literature course. I loved taking a deeper look at the archetypes characters both fit into and subvert. But it was time for something new! My latest endeavour has been to dig deeper into works for my British Literature course. I have explored British texts from the Victorian Era till now. I’ve also taken a deeper look into American texts, including Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov and Paradise by Toni Morrison. Discussing literature is a passion of mine, and I’ve greatly enjoyed exploring different texts in different ways.

Feel free to add your own voices to the conversation here! I always enjoy a good conversation about literature!

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